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Operations & Debottlenecking
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Pump & Flow focuses on providing pumping solutions for the mineral resources industry. We design, supply, construct and commission piping systems, and optimise existing infrastructure to improve the efficiency of your plant.

  • Tailing systems
  • Dewatering schemes
  • Slurry flows
  • Borefields
  • Fire protection
  • Paste backfill
  • Underground pump stations
  • Utilities and reagents
  • Sampling and lab work
  • Dust suppression
  • Pipeline inspection and leak detection
  • Mine water boosting and transport
  • Waste water treatment
  • Mapping undocumented networks
  • Debottlenecking and optimisation

We pride ourselves on a cost-effective and practical approach to deliver outstanding value to greenfield or brownfield projects. For plants already in operation, we are also fully equipped to evaluate existing systems and networks, and offer debottlenecking advice and optimisation strategies.

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No matter whether it be during design, construction and commissioning, or ongoing
operations and debottlenecking, our services will save you money.

Piping systems design

Greenfield or brownfield, big or small systems, we will ensure that your pump is sized and selected properly for your application, and develop an efficient piping network that serves your process needs. Pump & Flow will produce a work pack that can be issued to your contractor for fabrication and installation. This work pack will include material take-offs, material and installation specifications, datasheets, process flow diagrams, piping and instrumentation diagrams, valve and line lists, and a full suite of general arrangement drawings and isometrics.

Pipe stress analysis

Whether it’s a new design, or there are issues with an existing installation, Pump & Flow has the capability to perform pipe stress analysis that is compliant to the codes that are in force in your area to ensure that the pipework is within safe operating ranges. Pump & Flow will can specify the location and design of the necessary pipe supports.

Design audit

Reduce risk to your project by engaging Pump & Flow to perform an independent third party review of a system design. We have seen this to be particularly useful in situations where a design has been developed in-house, and no peer review is available. Our years of experience will give you assurance to proceed.

Contract Management

Pump & Flow has years of experience in managing contractors. Our team will define robust scopes of work, and clearly specify the installation details which will provide you with a high quality and cost effective system. We are also available to act as the owner’s representative and superintend the works to ensure that the contract is performed as scoped. Pump & Flow prides itself on balancing cost and quality to ensure a good outcome for your project.

Quality assurance and quality control

Piping systems can be a high consequence – especially for services that see high pressure or temperature or carry a severe fluid. In these situations, it is critical that the correct QA/QC is in place. Pump & Flow will help you develop a cost-effective quality management plan and will provide oversight during the construction phase to ensure that the installation meets all quality requirements.

Change management

Pump & Flow can provide assistance at short notice to quickly evaluate the changes that may arise during construction. We will quantify and document any impact on the performance of the system, making recommendations which preserve the design intent but facilitate a timely construction.

Hydrotesting and leak testing

Pump & Flow can perform hydrostatic and leak testing to prove that a system is fit for service. These tests should be built into an existing quality management plan, however we have come across projects where the consequence of a system failure is high and minimum traceability has been maintained through fabrication and construction. As the measure of last resort, we can undertake testing on the as-built system to prove integrity. Our service is a turn-key answer; we will design test packs and execute them in a way which minimises disruption to surrounding operations.


During commissioning it may be found that system flow does not meet expectations. Pump & Flow has the analytical tools to investigate the root cause and provide advice on how to rectify the issue and proceed in a timely and safe manner to minimize any delay to commissioning milestones.

Fitness-for-service assessment

Have assurance by engaging Pump & Flow to undertake an independent assessment of your systems’ fitness-for-service. We will review the systems in accordance with guidance from API codes to give you confidence that your plant will operate without presenting any undue risk to your personnel. The service includes a comprehensive report which documents our findings, presents actionable recommendations, and can be referenced as a baseline for any subsequent inspections.

Leak detection

We can audit the functionality of older systems by performing leak testing. Leaks account for a considerable cost, due to wasted power, wasted product, accelerated corrosion and the labour associated with cleaning up spills and leaks. Over the life of the asset this can be an enormous cost, and our leak testing can nip these costs in the bud.

Energy efficiency audit

With an ever-increasing focus on energy efficiency and an operation’s impact on the environment, we can analyze your pump systems and present a report which details the efficiency of your system, and advises whether it is economically feasible to upgrade the system. This is a useful demonstration of a plant’s objective commitment to environmental concerns.

Preventative maintenance planning

Our analysis and modeling methodology can predict high wear spots, and we can provide you with preventative actions that will extend your mean time between failures.


You may have an unusual situation where you find yourself dealing with siphoning, surge/water hammer, excessive vibration, settling, or bad corrosion. Pump & Flow will assess your system and offer advice on how to address the root of the problem to maximise longevity and reliability.

Service Mapping

Avoid safety, production and cost risks by engaging Pump & Flow to map out your mine’s water services:

  • Measure pressure and flow unobtrusively
  • Assess system integrity
  • Quantify performance limits
  • Develop detailed system drawings

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